Last week, we attended the 4YFN (Four Years from Now) event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and we showcased the Pilot translating earpiece for the first time! It was great meeting people from around the world and sharing our vision for the Pilot earpiece: to bridge language barriers.

We discussed the three main usages for the Pilot Translating Earpiece: Audio & Music, Conversational Translation and Group Translation. We also got a chance to record a public demo of the conference mode with CNET and CNN!

If you are curious to watch the Pilot translating earpiece in conference mode, check out the video!
*** What is the conference mode? The conference mode is when each user joins a group conversation using the Pilot app. This allows for everyone to converse freely in their language while one phone can be used as a speakerphone. For the CNET and CNN video taping, we used the conference mode to record the audio translations on video.

Did you come meet us? Check out our social media channels and share your questions or comments! We can’t wait to keep moving forward with all of you!

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