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Transcription and translation for lecturers, educators, conferences, and events

Audience allows any presenter to converse with a room regardless of what language they or their audience speak. The app allows audience members to select and enjoy translation on their own mobile device.

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How it works

Download free iOS or Android app and enter conference code
Connect hundreds of users per session*
Transcribe and translate 20 languages, instantly
*Available with Pro

Customer stories


How a little earbud is changing life for foreign-born kids at Bergen County school

“It was emotional, … There are no boundaries now. This will open up so many doors.”


Business is Booming

“They have been AMAZING in helping us communicate with Japanese, Spanish, Italian & German clients.” - J.F.


Travel Industry Game-Changer

“I just received my earpieces today. OMG they are amazing! … We own a travel company … This could totally be a game changer when I lead tours abroad”


Breaking Down Barriers In Healthcare

“I had bought this so my daughter who can not speak english well could talk with her neurologist in Canada regarding her brain cancer. Her doctor only spoke english.” - C.R.


Bringing Families Closer Together

“Being able to speak to my girlfriend’s mother for the first time has broken down walls I never thought possible. From the bottom of my heart thank you!”

*Available with Pro

The nerdy details

Connect to a session using QR or PIN code
Proprietary algorithm for real-time translations
Choose and change languages during a session
Join and exit sessions at any time
Exportable transcripts
Adjustable text sizing for guests
Various translation speeds for guests
Cadence features adjust to the host’s speaking speed


What is the free vs Pro version?*
Can the talk be translated into multiple languages simultaneously?
How fast are the translations?
Have more questions? Visit our support page or please contact us directly.

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