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New feature: Save your transcripts
It’s finally here! The ability to save and export your conversations is at your fingertips
May 2021 Ambassador Update
This month our engineers have been hard at work (as always) finding ways to improve the Ambassador app.
March 2021 Ambassador Update
This month we are ready to release our improved noise cancellation algorithm to increase accuracy in voice capturing!

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Sleek and specially designed earbuds which capture speech with higher clarity than any other earbud on the market.

February 2021 Ambassador Update
Here comes our monthly product update for Ambassador Interpreter, including new features, UI/UX changes, and a roadmap of things to come!
January 2021 Ambassador Feature Update
November 2020 Ambassador Feature Update
October 2020 Ambassador Feature Update
Ambassador September Update - Engineering Boards and Mechanical Assembly Testing
Pilot Smart Earbuds Summer Update - Chinese and More
Ambassador August Update - Mobile Development
Meet Ambassador, your professional interpreter
Converse: Sharing is Pairing