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Find out how we’re breaking down
language barriers.

What Does the Future Hold for Translation Devices?
Find out what the future holds for translation devices.
Automatic Pairing now available on Android
Automatic Pairing is officially live in our latest Android update!
Waverly Labs Lead Investor Webinar
In our recent webinar, I had the pleasure to sit down with one of our lead investors, Michael Casella and had a discussion on why he invested in Waverly Labs.

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Sleek and specially designed earbuds which capture speech with higher clarity than any other earbud on the market.

New features: Recent Languages & Natural Pause
This month’s new features were developed as a direct result of customer feedback. Easily access your recent languages.
Frequently Asked Investor Questions at Waverly Labs
Equity Crowdfunding 101: Become a Shareholder in Waverly Labs
New feature: Save your transcripts
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March 2021 Ambassador Update
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January 2021 Ambassador Feature Update
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