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The origin story

Inspired by personal experiences to connect across language barriers, Waverly Labs was founded in 2014 at the convergence of wearable technology and speech translation. In 2016, we debuted Pilot, the first smart earbuds with live translation, selling over 35k units and $8MM in gross sales. Now, we’ve introduced Ambassador—a translation tool designed for professionals.

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To bridge global communications by building a world without language barriers.

With the Ambassador, the team ushers in a new generation of live translation technology. One that caters to professionals who need a highly accurate live translation tool that can be shared, can capture conversations at broader range, and can be connected and activated in a few clicks.

Andrew Ochoa
Oversees all business operations and sales / marketing strategies
Sergio Delrio Diaz
Manages the Pilot earpiece and translation system strategy, including design engineering and manufacturing (DFMA)
Nicholas Ruiz
PhD, Computer Science, Speech Translation
Speech translation development strategies and long-term planning for the pilot translation software
Georgiy Konovalov
Manages the development of the mobile applications and the integration of the speech translation engine
Alisher Agzamov
Server-side application architecture, implementing endpoints, and administration of all servers
Alexis Creuzot
Mobile iOS application and integrating of the speech translation engine

Being lost in translation has happened to everyone; today it’s history.

We combine the latest advances in speech recognition, machine translation and wearable technology to help people converse without language barriers.

See how it all got started.

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February 2021 Ambassador Update
Here comes our monthly product update for Ambassador Interpreter, including new features, UI/UX changes, and a roadmap of things to come!
January 2021 Ambassador Feature Update
Over the holidays we spent a lot of time preparing software patches to our cloud system...
November 2020 Ambassador Feature Update
This month we focused mostly on bug fixes and improvements to the connectivity, battery life, and other elements...
October 2020 Ambassador Feature Update
This is the first in our series of product updates and feature improvements to the Ambassador Interpreter.

Investor Relations

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