Pilot Translating Earpiece

Discover the world’s first translating earpiece available now for
$299 $199 (33% OFF DURING PRE-SALE).

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Winter Shipment Sold Out. Pre-Order Now for Next Shipment!

Winter Shipment Sold Out. Pre-Order Now for Next Shipment!

Winter Shipment Sold Out. Pre-Order Now for Next Shipment!

Meet Pilot

The Pilot translating earpiece translates between users speaking different languages

features-icon-dialectsAVAILABLE IN


features-icon-colorsAvailable in
3 colors

features-icon-noiseNoise Cancelling


features-icon-powerFull Day
battery life

features-icon-designStable, Modern and
Ergonomic Design

Music & Audio

The Pilot translating earpieces are ideal for streaming music,
but can also be used as your phone personal assistant including voice calls and audio notifications


The Pilot translating earpiece can be shared with someone else to translate different languages using the Pilot app

The Way It Works

Pilot Earpiece

Using specially designed noise-canceling microphones, the Pilot earpiece recognizes speech and filters out ambient noise .

Pilot App

The Pilot App then uses speech recognition, machine translation and speech synthesis to translate what was spoken.

Pilot Earpiece

The second Pilot earpiece plays the newly translated speech for the other person.

Group Translation

Anyone with a Pilot Translating Earpiece can join in a group conversation in different languages using the Pilot app



Pre-orders of the Pilot Translating Earpieces come with free access to latin/romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, along with English). Users can purchase additional languages this fall, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and more!


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Pilot Translation Kit

The Pilot earpieces are specially designed to capture human speech with high audio clarity. It then passes that speech to our translation engine (in the cloud) so that you can hear speech translated in your ear.

After you setup your Pilot earpieces, you can share one with another user so that you and that person can speak to each other. The other person will need to download our mobile app and follow the quick steps to join you in a conversation (see below)

The Pilot Translating Earpiece is shipping during the Winter 2017-2018 season.

December 2017: 4,000 units will ship

January 2018: 10,000 units will ship

February 2018: 13,000 units will ship

Pilot includes a second earpiece (such as for wireless music streaming), a battery charger (for additional charges on the go) and an accompanying app that toggles between languages.

Pilot is currently available for pre-order at $249 USD, and will include the following selected languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, along with English. Additional languages will be available for purchase by language groups.

We are first introducing latin/romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, along with English) and will begin adding additional languages this fall, including Germanic, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Slavic and East Asian.

The current version of Pilot will include a beta feature that will translate speech of people near the user. There are limitations, such as the number of people speaking at once, the environmental noise, or the distance and location of someone in your proximity, but it is a beta release to test the full experience.

The feature will be released as a software update over Winter.

If someone does not wish to wear the second earpiece, they can still join the conversation without an earpiece, however they will be required to press the microphone button every time they speak.

Currently the translation only takes a couple of seconds of delay however, we are working very hard to get this lag shorter and we will release updates of the app with every improvement.

No, machine translation is not perfect and it will make mistakes sometimes, but the more people use it the better the translation engine becomes.

We are also developing an offline version so that you can use it while traveling overseas without a data connection, but it will not be released in the first version of Pilot.

Every language has various dialects and the earpiece is designed to translate common dialects, although thick accents could disrupt this and cause improper translations.

We plan to invite a select group to become beta testers, based on certain factors, including language spoken, location, and use cases. We’ll be sending a notice later this summer to allow for beta testing submissions.

You can find our return policy here.