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It was delivered and we've had a chance to use the pilot. Both my wife and I have been blown away by how accurate the translation is. My wife who is from Berlin speaks English German polish and some Russian and remarked how accurate the inflection of the spoken translations were.

Robert Waggoner

It does not matter for your late answer. Your success is the cause. I did receive the package finally. I read after your ticket your article that explained this inconvenience. Thank you. And forward for the use of your revolutionary device.

Alexandre Heissat

I am so excited to finally be receiving the 2 pairs of pilot earpieces, that my wife and I went and upgraded our iPhones. What you have done for the communications industry is absolutely incredible and I hope you are recognized for that. Thank you so much!

John Hines

OMG they are amazing! My husband (an aerospace engineer from France) is enthralled with them. We live in Canada. This could totally be a game changer when I lead tours abroad – I only speak English

Debra Curle

Received Pilot today - amazing is all I can say. Good worth the wait I must say, now I just have to test them out with native speakers - sounds authentic and correct to me but I only speak some German and Spanish - none of the others but have to say I am impressed.

Marvin Presnall

Thank you very much, for having made my reality of being able to communicate with other people in other languages, it works very well and I think it will change my life for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I want to congratulate all of you who are part of the Waverly team.

Ignacio Torres

Choose a life

Being lost in translation has happened to everyone. Today it’s history.

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A complete
system, including:

  • A world class cloud-based translation engine

  • Pilot earbuds designed with high definition acoustic clarity for top quality audio

  • A companion app to connect the cloud engine with the earbuds and access the Pilot’s suite of features

  • Translation and interpretation of 15 languages and 42+ dialects

  • Wireless music streaming

  • Voice calls, charging case, and more

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