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Bridging global communication by building a world without language barriers.

Our Vision

Waverly Labs develops voice and language products for teams and professionals.

Our solutions include Ambassador Interpreter, Forum, and Subtitles, which are designed for the in-person interpretation experience across various industries, including education, hospitality, business, and events.

The Origin Story

Inspired by personal experiences, Waverly Labs was founded in 2014 at the convergence of speech translation and wearable technology. In 2016 we introduced Pilot Smart Earbuds, the world's first earbuds with language translation, shipping over 35,000 units worldwide.

Now with Ambassador Interpreter, Forum, and Subtitles, we’ve introduced a full suite of voice and translation solutions for professionals and teams.

Our translation solutions

Join the journey.

Our team is already off to a great start.

Featured In

Being lost in translation has happened to everyone; today it’s history.

We combine the latest advances in speech recognition, machine translation and wearable technology to help people converse without language barriers.

Team Waverly

Our current team boasts over 30 years experience in the field of software engineering, speech translation technologies and wearable manufacturing.

Andrew Ochoa
CEO - Founder
Vision, operations, logistics, sales, project management
Sergio DelRio Diaz
VP of Product - Founder
Wearables, speech translation product development, design engineering, manufacturing

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Forum's Mobile Experience

Forum's Mobile Experience

Hosting and Joining Sessions

Hosting and Joining Sessions

Forum's 3 Interpretation Modes

Forum's 3 Interpretation Modes

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