Beta Test 1 is Completed!

Last week, we invited a group of Pilot pre-order customers to our office in Brooklyn, NY to test out the Pilot earpieces and the Speech Translator app. It was the first time our pre-order customers had a chance to experience Pilot, and it couldn’t have gone any better!It was important to conduct this first round of beta testing because with a product like ours, which involves multiple users, software and hardware, it’s absolutely critical to see what it’s like to be a first-time user and experience the product through their eyes. This is the value of testing, and it’s something we’re going to do until we have the product perfected.Our testers loved the continuous conversation mode, allowing for a seamless conversation to take place without having to press a button. They also loved the ergonomic design of the earpiece along with its comfortable fit.

“I wasn’t sure how to put the earpieces in at first, but once I got them in they were very comfortable. I think I could wear them all day” -Jackie

We’ll use the feedback from our Beta 1 production so our team can make updates for the last test phase, such as making the setup of the Pilot earpiece with the Speech Translator app more fluid and working on balancing the need for visual feedback with the desire to have an uninterrupted conversation. While Craig and Jono are preparing the updates from this first beta test, Bill and Sergio will return to our manufacturer’s factory in China to prepare the next production run of 150 units. We are right on schedule to ship according to the manufacturing timeline.Thank you Karen B, Sang R, Jackie L, Rosemary K, Hannah L, and Julie C for participating in our beta 1 test! It was exciting to have our customers experience Pilot for the first time and gain valuable feedback to ensure Pilot is 100% ready when it arrives in your hands!

Beta testing 1Stay tuned!--Team Waverly

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