Forum's 3 Interpretation Modes

Your Forum AI Interpreter now comes with 3 interpretation modes which you can access from the Settings menu while in your session. These modes will give you the most dynamic arrangement of AI interpretation for all of your experiences.

Hold to Talk

  • Hold the record button to capture your voice, and release it to translate. It gives you the most control of what you want translated, but requires holding the record button to speak.

Pause to Translate (real-time)

  • Press the recording button only once to have everything you speak interpreted. It requires a 2 second pause of breath in-between phrases to translate your words. More accurate (but slightly slower) than Live Translation.

Live Translation (real-time)

  • Press the recording button only once, and everything you speak will be interpreted almost instantaneously. It's extremely fast, but slightly less accurate.

To access the various interpretation modes, navigate to the Settings in the lower right corner when you are in your session. You can switch between modes at any time.Free users have 25 minutes of access to the recording and speaking capability. Please upgrade for greater access.

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