Forum's Mobile Experience

Did you know that attendees can read, listen, and participate in your event from their mobile phone, with or without the app?

Yes that's right!

Forum AI Interpreter is designed with two mobile experiences: the Forum application from the app store, or a lightweight version from your smartphone's web browser.

For your event, your audience can either download the application from the app store (iOS, Android), or they can just scan the QR code with their phone's camera and they will be taken to a lightweight mobile web browser version. Alternatively, an audience member can navigate to from their smartphone and type the event's 6-digit PIN. This provides the audience with a flexible and feature rich tool for your interpreted events.

The app will provide the greatest flexibility, which includes audio controls, accessibility controls, and the ability to save transcripts or participate in the event (if the organizer has not muted everyone). However the mobile web version is quick and lightweight, and does not require anyone to download the app.

Keep in mind that it's always free for attendees to read and listen to your event, but they will need to upgrade to an account if they wish to record, speak, and participate.

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