From Our Customers

Since we began shipping in December, we've been fielding questions and comments from our customers and hearing ways that we can improve the translation system, speech quality, and overall experience. We really appreciate the feedback and have already begun working on several solutions that should be ready in a couple of months. Thanks for being patient with us as we begin rolling out these first software updates.In the meantime, we wanted to share some customer stories about how people are using the Pilot earpiece and translation system in their everyday lives:Debra talks about her experience in the travel industry:

I just received my Pilot Earpieces today. OMG they are amazing! My husband (an aerospace engineer from France) is enthralled with them. We live in Canada. ... We own a travel company ... This could totally be a game changer when I lead tours abroad.

The Pilot has helped Andy speak with his girlfriend's mother:

Being able to speak to my girlfriend’s mother for the first time has broken down walls I never thought possible. From the bottom of my heart thank you! Looking forward to updates and fixes along the journey as I know this is merely the start of a world changing technology.

And Katie tells us about using Pilot in her classrooms:

My pilot earpiece arrived last week (finally!) and I have been using it at school with our ESL teacher and Latino children. We've had a great time!Although it's not perfect, it's definitely one of the stronger translation services we've experienced. Even words like "makeup work," which many services translate like makeup you wear on your face, are coming through as accurate ... I've been really enjoying the experience thus far!My school has a significant Spanish speaking population and though many of our children speak Spanish and English, often the parents do not. This forces young children to become translators or requires the parent schedules teacher conferences around the time our ESL teacher (who is hourly) can support (so never in the evenings when the parents would be off work and teachers are still in the building). We've even had some children come to us that do not speak any English and struggle to engage in their classroom.

We'll keep sharing more stories from our customers soon, thanks!

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