Live Product Demo With The Waverly Labs Leadership Team

Live Product Demo With The Waverly Labs Leadership Team

Waverly Labs has received an influx of interesting questions about our Ambassador Interpreter, and equity crowdfunding campaign.  

In our recent webinar, we answered several questions from our investors to provide clarity regarding investor inquiries to provide deeper insight into Waverly Labs.


How many languages does it support?

It supports 20 languages and 42 dialects. Those tend to be the more common languages too, the ones that are more in demand. You can also select female and male voice tones. If you're a guy, you might want to be translated into a male voice and vice versa. Once I just-

After the setup process is completed does the device pair automatically?

The device will be added manually the first time. You will see a list of the devices. Once you see the device, you will select it and it will prompt you to a screen. After that, every time you turn the devices on, it will automatically pair.

Is it Bluetooth only or can it connect via wifi to a router?

The devices connect to the phone via Bluetooth.  Wifi could be a solution however, it was not ideal for phones or tablets because you lose the wifi connection.

I recently had to start using hearing aids that are connected by Bluetooth to my iPhone. Do you have a product that would allow me to get translations through my in-ear hearing aids?

Currently, we don't have a product that would allow for that, that uses our software on hearing aids. I can say that we have had conversations with hearing aid companies about some integrations and some partnerships there. It's something that we are exploring. 

For the second device, if you are in conversational mode, do you need to set it up every time you talk to a new person?

The device will remember the language that you used in the last session. It just gives you the ability to set it up and adapt to your situation. 

Can you only do four others in lecture mode? 

For lecture mode, you only need one device, because the translation comes out for the entire audience. In the mode where you have multiple devices, that's converse. For converse, you can have up to four. 

How fast is it in conversation mode? How long do I have to wait for the speaker to finish before I hear or see the translation?

Whenever you make a pause, the system will detect that your voice has lowered down, and then it will shoot the translation. It's about 500 milliseconds. If you select the time to breathe mode,  we have realized that people feel that they can have a more natural conversation. We take a break around three seconds, 2.75 seconds, giving you more time to speak more like a human being. 

One had to press the ear piece each time before one could speak. Is it correct that it is no longer needed? (Click to talk versus continuous feature).

On the newest release for listen and lecture, we just jumped directly into the translation. Originally you had to click once to start the recording. We have decided just to jump in directly to avoid one extra step. For converse, we have two modes. One that is continuous and one that is click to talk. Normally, click to talk works better. That way, you cannot interrupt each other. You prevent crosstalk or contamination. 

What is the battery life? I am out in a new city and doing tours and meeting people. Will the battery last all day?

It won't last all day. With the biggest size, we could add 2,700 milliamps battery. Actively using it would last around four hours. If you're going to use it for eight hours continuously, you would either need to charge the units continuously or use device A during the morning and device B during the afternoon. It is intense. We do have battery protection. If you're not using the device, it will turn off automatically after 20 minutes. That prevents the battery from draining.

Does the translation software learn from hearing so many different native speakers, so it gets better over time?

The models that we are incorporating do include not only the dialects but the languages so they keep on improving. It keeps constantly evolving and we tend to use more verbs at some point in history. We have also been exploring some solutions. 

How can I best optimize for recorded media, like foreign films, TV, YouTube? Why don't you cover that topic specifically?

You need to train the model with digital voices and then train the model with human voices. Right now, our models are being trained with human voices. 

How long does it take to charge?

Four hours.

Could you use lecture and also converse in case you have multi-languages in your presentation?

Not currently, but that's actually a very interesting alternative. 

 Are we going to relieve a version for simultaneous interpretation?

Yes. We're working on an algorithm that does simultaneous translation. Essentially what that means is as you're speaking, it's translating alongside you in a true, real-time fashion. It's something that 

What if someone wanted to invest? I know you offered some investors a good deal before. Do you still have the same deal? 

We're a startup and we've been doing quite well for ourselves, but we do take public investments before we list publicly, essentially. We have a broker-dealer called It's at 

Does the phone app pair the original earbud and the new over-the-ear option together?

Since the firmware, the Bluetooth, everything is different, we couldn't really merge them, even if we wanted to.

If you have three people in conversation mode, one speaks English, one speaks Italian and one speaks French, does each person have an earbud that is set to their language, such as the English person sets theirs to English, French to French, and Italian to Italian, and each person speaks their native language. The other two people hear the translation in their native language, correct?

Yes. It supports up to four devices with four earbuds paired together. You could have English, French, Italian, and Spanish, etc. Each person will speak in their normal language translating to the other three people in the language that they selected. 

What is the timing of the continuous release, the continuous mode, versus the click to talk mode?

We have a testing team actually that is very good and helps us to test, debug any possible mistakes. Before any customer finds out, we want to find out. I think maybe in the next two releases, we will totally have it. We will totally have it implemented. Because we have been improving a lot. We just want to polish it and keep it as perfect as possible for you guys.

Which speech recognition engine do you use? Just curious. We actually use an amalgamation of systems. Think about it like this. I'm not sure of the arithmetic. There are 20 languages that we support and 42 dialects, right?

That's basically a different engine for every language, speech recognition, machine translation, and then speech synthesis as well. That's 42 plus 20 is 62, I suppose, different speech recognition engines and different speech synthesis engines. Then each language pair has its own model. For example English to Spanish, English to French, and Spanish to French. You don’t have one English translation model and it works for every language. 

If I have a RAV battery pack, can it function while being charged by the charger in my pocket?

Sergio Diaz:

Yes. If it's charging with a battery pack, you can still turn it on. 

Could you show the camera how you update the hardware? 

We do have app updates, which is just a simple app update through your phone and then firmware updates, which update the software on the hardware. 

Are there any plans for native languages in the future?

We recently added Hebrew, Vietnamese, Dutch. We constantly try to update it, but it's more pushed by the community. If you guys want a specific language, let us know. We will add it into the count of languages. 

Does it translate Ukrainian?

Sergio Diaz:

No, we don't have Ukrainian. We do have Russian.

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