Manufacturing: Final Production Tests!

After the feedback from our beta testing, Sergio (Head of Design Engineering) returned to China to prepare for the first production run on the assembly line next week. This is the first time we will have all the final components and parts that make up Pilot ready.


We are overseeing the final inserts such as the box sleeve and USB wire that go into the Pilot Kit and creating a process for final assembly. Sergio, an expert on all things ears, has designed the packaging with the user and their ears in mind.

Final Pre-Production Tests

To make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no errors down the line, we have developed three separate applications in-house to aid in the production line. These applications allow us to automatically update the firmware so there are less human errors during production.


There will also be a quality assurance (QA) team to ensure quality compliance, so that Pilot is 100% ready.

“We have made great strides in the past several weeks with our internal and external QA teams to ensure Pilot is exceeding our standards” - Bill, VP of Manufacturing

Bill and Jainam will fly to Shenzhen, China this weekend to make sure the first production run goes smoothly and be on site at the factory. Everything is on schedule to ship according to the manufacturing timeline. Get ready-- Pilot is almost here!

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