Manufacturing: On the Assembly Line!

Last week, we began our first production run on the assembly line! Our team has worked day and night to optimize the line so it goes as fast as possible. This is the Beta 2 phase of our manufacturing timeline where we test the production and assembly from start to finish, making sure every component is working properly and assembled to our standards through the packaging line. There are a lot of components that go into producing the final product at scale!Having our hardware engineers, Bill, Jainam and Sergio, there with the manufacturer’s engineers and quality control team has really helped to ensure everything goes smoothly so that production is right on schedule. We’re producing 100 Pilots during this Beta 2 phase, and it ensures that we can ramp up production to 500/day for the first shipment on December 5th!

To ensure high quality you need to test every station on the production line. The manufacturer will always optimize for time but you need to make sure quality is preserved throughout the whole process. - Jainam, VP of Hardware Engineering

Check out the photos below to see the production process!

From left to right: Working on the bottom earpiece part, Charger testing, putting each earpiece together

From left to right: Bottom earpiece parts, Chargers, charger assembly

From left to right: Bill hard at work, Sergio, Jainam and Bill arriving in Shenzen, Sergio working late

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