Manufacturing: Tooling has started!

Over the past two months, our team has made significant strides towards the production of the Pilot Translating Earpiece. After many considerations and a lot of testing, we have made several improvements which allow for a more comfortable and effortless experience.


Ear Tips Adjustments

We have been working on creating ear tips for the Pilot Translating Earpiece to provide maximum comfort and hygiene. By adjusting the thickness and material of the ear tip, we made it easier to exchange the ear tip and have a great grip to the earpiece without any loose parts. The Pilot Translation Kit includes 3 different sized ear tips: small, medium and large to ensure you get the best fit.

Antenna Calibration

While working on the antenna calibration, we also decided to improve the distance of connection between the earpieces. There are many factors that affect the distance: the antenna support, the distance from antenna to PCB, the thickness of the antenna, the material of the casing, the antenna material, the firmware, etc.


At Waverly Labs, we want to make sure you receive a quality product. We are working on finalizing the graphics, as well as choosing the most reliable and low cost option for packaging. The logos on the charger have been decided, and are ready to be screen printed on the prototypes.

We are adding a button on the earpiece for power and connectivity. The button will allow Pilot users to pair phones and turn the device on and off (see image).



With Jainam (VP of Hardware) joining Sergio in China, we have started the tooling stage. Both the charger and the earpiece are sent to the tooling facility to create molds for samples and production. Once the molds are ready, production will soon follow.


When it comes to the charger, we want to make sure we provide the best user experience possible. After testing multiple prototypes, we decided to go with a magnetic solution to increase reliability and usability. We also updated the firmware for the charger, getting it ready to be sent to the tooling facility.We have been working at full speed to deliver the Pilot to you. The Engineering Prototypes, the Pilot Run arrangements and purchase orders are on track with no delays. The next steps are Engineering Prototypes review, FCC/IC certifications, and Final Packaging Selection. Check out the manufacturing timeline here. [caption id="attachment_4181" align="aligncenter" width="847"]


Pilot Translating Earpiece: Tooling has started![/caption]

Stay tuned!

--Team Waverly

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