May 2021 Ambassador Update

Hello everyone,

This month our engineers have been hard at work (as always) finding ways to improve the Ambassador app. Updates include measures to protect you from losing your conversations to improvements in accessibility. Make sure to update your iOS and Android apps to the newest versions. See below for full details.

Ambassador Interpreter Updates

For iOS/Apple phones and tablets, please update your app to version 1.3.0.

For Android phones and tablets, please update your app to version 1.3.8.

Feature improvements:

  • When exiting a session (in Converse, Listen, and Lecture mode), you’ll now be prompted to confirm you want to leave. This is to ensure that you don’t accidentally end a session and lose all the text from that conversation. A simple change to give you peace of mind—love to see it!
  • You can now switch the language direction from within Listen and Lecture modes, making it easier to change languages on the fly! No need to exit the current conversation and start all over again in a new language. 
  • The Ambassador app is now more accessible with improvements allowing VoiceOver users to navigate the app more easily, and the ability to control text size directly in the navigation bar without leaving Converse mode.

Future Product Roadmap

We’re actively working on the ability to save and export transcripts and the return of continuous conversation mode. We’re also in early stages of testing for our virtual environments for conferencing—we’ve already had successful remote team calls in 5 different languages! In the coming months, we hope to open a small private beta test for this feature as we continue to improve on it. Stay tuned!

Thanks everyone for all of your questions and feedback, and we’ll be sure to include your ideas and needs into future updates. As always, you can reach us directly at

All the best,

Waverly Labs Team

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