Meet Ambassador, your professional interpreter

Meet Ambassador, your professional interpreter

As you might imagine, ever since we released and shipped Pilot (almost 40,000 worldwide), we’ve been speaking with our customers, understanding their needs, and have been hard at work thinking of new ways to step up our game while continuing to push the boundaries of live translation. Our goal: to improve translation range and accuracy, allow multiple people to easily converse at the same time, and make it simpler to share devices across teams.

Our solution? Meet Ambassador, your professional interpreter

Designed for professionals and teams, Ambassador is engineered as a more advanced version of Pilot, solving the major pain points customers need:

  • Effortless sharing by pairing up to 4 Ambassadors to one smartphone
  • Improved accuracy with a larger microphone array and new algorithms
  • Hygienic over-the-ear design for sharing with strangers and guests

Plus improved battery life, range, connectivity, and more languages!

We have 3 men who do not speak fluent English and this has caused us problems ( …) After all these years we were happy to find this solution

Ambassador launches in late May. More details to come soon.

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