New Feature: Custom Terms

Now you can help the Speech Recognition (SR) engine in your Ambassador Interpreter understand you better! Add terms that you use regularly, like names, acronyms, expressions, slang, etc. Your Ambassadors will better capture all the unique terms you use. So whether your organization uses a lot of internal acronyms and jargon, or you have an international team with a wide range of names that are regularly misunderstood (like us 🙋🏽‍♂️)—we’ve got you covered!

Using it is simple:

  1. Select “Custom Terms” in the settings menu.
  2. Type in your term.
  3. Select the language the term should I apply to—or select all languages, if appropriate.
  4. Click "Ok" to save.

There’s a limit to 5 terms at any given time. You can see your current saved terms in the Custom Terms menu and can remove any outdated ones by clicking the trash can icon next to each one. 

That’s it! You can access the Custom Terms feature by updating your Ambassador Interpreter app in your app store. 

Android: 1.8.4
iOS: 1.7.1

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