New features: Recent Languages & Natural Pause

New features: Recent Languages & Natural Pause

We heard you loud and clear. This month’s new features were developed as a direct result of customer feedback. We love hearing from our community—and we love being able to deliver what you want most even more. Check out this month’s new features below and keep that feedback coming!

To ensure you have access to the new features, please make sure to update to the newest version through your app store.

  • iOs: v. 1.5.0
  • Android: v. 1.5.8

New feature: Recent Languages

When prompted to select languages, the most recently used languages now appear at the top of the list. This feature greatly simplifies the user experience as most users typically use the same languages repeatedly—especially during specific periods of time. Take, for example, a Brazilian on a business trip in Russia. They’ll no longer have to scroll all the way down to the P’s to find Portuguese every time they use it. On top of that, Russian will also be readily available at the top of the list after the first use during the duration of their trip.

Language selection page.

New feature: Natural Pause

A common piece of feedback we receive from customers is that they sometimes get cut off as they pause mid-sentence to think about what to say next or even breathe. Some of our power users even built the habit of thinking of exactly what they want to say before starting the Ambassador Interpreter recording to avoid pausing at all. Definitely not the experience we’re trying to create.

To combat that, we developed the Natural Pause feature. The Natural Pause feature is designed to make AI translation more closely resemble natural speech patterns. When people are in conversation, there are natural pauses that occur as we think, breathe, or even lose our train of thought. While each individual’s cadence is unique to them, through ongoing testing we’ve managed to identify a pause length that accommodates most people’s natural cadence of speech. With Natural Pause enabled, users experience more fluid conversations while using the Ambassador Interpreter. 

Of course, if you’re perfectly happy with the Ambassador Interpreter as is, you can always turn off this new feature in your advanced options.

Natural Pause enabled in settings.

Hope you love using the new features! Please continue sending your feedback and questions to With your help, we can build a world without language barriers!

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