October 2020 Ambassador Feature Update

Hi everyone,

This is the first in our series of product updates and feature improvements to the Ambassador Interpreter. Monthly and/or semi-monthly we will be updating the community with news and releases for Ambassador.

This month we focused on app experience improvements. Let’s start with some of the highlights of features we’ve made:

Language Additions

In iOS we’ve added 4 languages that were missing in the system: Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, and Dutch. We also made an improvement to Cantonese translations, which were improperly translating as Mandarin Chinese. Now, users can select these languages in all modes, Listen, Lecture, and Converse. Android users already had these languages available.

Large Screen Support

We’ve also improved screen support for iPhone and iPad users. On some iPads, landscape view will allow users to take advantage of the screen’s real estate, which is a nice feature in business settings to read while conversing. This feature will be available for Android users soon.

Continuous Translation

We’ve improved the user experience when switching between Click-to-Talk and continuous mode. This feature will allow users to more easily switch to continuous streaming, which lets both the host and guest(s) continue speaking without having to enable the Click-to-Talk button. It can be found while in Converse mode, in the upper right corner in both iOS and Android.


Lastly, here are a few minor bug fixes and improvements:

  1. We implemented new battery logic that provides greater accuracy when reporting battery level.
  2. We added a hint popup in Listen, Lecture and Converse for new users to help clarify how to use Click-to-Talk. It’s available in iOS and will soon be available in Android.
  3. We fixed issues with Pixel phones that were causing some pairing and speech recognition issues. Also, there were some crashes reported for the apps, which have been fixed.

Over the next month we’ll be focused on firmware updates for the Ambassador Interpreter devices, which include increasing battery life, pairing and reconnecting simplicity, charging performance, and improved microphone sensitivity and accuracy for speech recognition. Thanks everyone for all of your questions and feedback, and we’ll be sure to include your ideas and needs into future updates. As always, you can reach us directly at support@waverlylabs.com.


Waverly Labs Team

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