One Step Closer: New Designs & E-Commerce

One Step Closer: New Designs & E-Commerce

This week, we launched our own e-commerce platform after receiving a staggering amount of interest and support for the Pilot Translation Kit on IndieGoGo. You can now purchase the Pilot Translation Kit on our website, with the ability to select any color and quantity you want.We also launched brand new designs of Pilot and a complete rebranding of the earpieces! Using the design technique of Biomimesis which models after nature, we created models that were tested over 500 times! Every design decision has been made with one purpose: to improve the user experience. That is why the earpiece looks elegant and organic, while fitting all the necessary components and optimizing every aspect of functionality. This is the model that will go into production starting March and will be delivered to our future users in a few months!Thank you for following us on our journey--without your support, we wouldn’t be one step closer to breaking down language barriers![caption id="attachment_3954" align="aligncenter" width="863"]

pilot translation kit

Pilot Translation Earpiece comes in three colors: Black, Red, White [/caption]

Stay tuned!

--Team Waverley

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