Phrasebook Update

We recently made a dramatic change to the Phrasebook within our Pilot translator app. The Phrasebook was created for quick and simple app translations, although it still uses our custom translation software with the greatest accuracy compared to other translation apps. Our new design has more features and an enhanced user experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is the look. We switched from a top/bottom language display with standard on-screen text to a design which allows for a larger on-screen experience.

Next, the interface has changed. Instead of a microphone button at the bottom of the app, you will now tap and hold the screen of the app, which will activate the microphone automatically. On most phones you will see a vibration circle where the finger presses the app as feedback that your app is listening.

Lastly, the language selection tool has been moved to the bottom right of the app to allow for easier access to more often used tools, including:

Repeat: repeats the audio translation

Save: adds the translation to your saved phrases for quick access

Copy: automatically copy the translation to your clipboard to paste it into another app

Keyboard: activates the keyboard instead of speaking into the app

This new user interface should be a more responsive experience for using the Phrasebook, while providing larger texts for viewing and quick access to various tools. We’ll be further enhancing this experience, but let us know if there is any feedback you have!

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