Pilot Smart Earbuds Summer Update - Chinese and More

Pilot Smart Earbuds Summer Update - Chinese and More

Happy Summer!

We've released several updates for your Pilot Smart Earbuds with language translation to improve accuracy of your translations and the overall experience of your earbuds. Below is a list of several key updates:

  • An app update was released to correct issues where Chinese languages were not being capture or translated
  • Firmware logic for Pilot users who had issues connecting to Samsung S8/8 smartphones
  • We added the capability to change the volume of your Pilot earbuds within the app
  • You can now disable tutorials when setting up a Listen or Converse session to move through the process more quickly without going through the instructions
  • Minor bug fix in Android phones where sometimes the app didn't recognize Pilot
  • Minor bug fix with the Phrasebook translator where the keyboard would cover or hide the text

Please update your app and Pilot earbuds firmware to resolve these issues. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team here: https://support.waverlylabs.com/hc/en-us


Waverly Labs Team

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