Time to Update Your Pilot Earbuds!

We have two major updates crucial to your translation experience: one for your translation app and another for your Pilot smart earbuds. These significant improvements to the system use new algorithms and techniques for higher quality translation.


One of the major problems we encountered was crosstalk. Essentially, when people are speaking within close distance of each other the earbuds will pick up multiple people speaking at once and either jumble their words together or capture the wrong language vocabulary, resulting in random and incoherent sentences that weren’t spoken.

Solution: We designed an algorithm that filters out speech of unintended users. This problem is a segment of a larger issue in computer science research, more commonly known as the cocktail party problem, but this fix should resolve this issue as we continue to improve this solution with more testing. Please update your Pilot Speech Translator app to the latest version from the iTunes or Google Play store.

“Once I finally received it I followed the directions and pairing was effortless ... As a truck driver I always come across drivers that speak other languages.” -Mark


Firmware is the code that resides on the earbuds. Through a new firmware release we have improved the accuracy of the speech recognition by better filtering out ambient noise, as well as strengthening the bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone.

To ensure your Pilot earbuds are updated with the newest firmware, login to your Pilot Translator app, select the user icon in the top left, and then follow the instructions in the “Pilot Firmware Update” section.

In some versions of the Pilot earbuds, you will see two bluetooth names when pairing to your smartphone, such as “Pilot-R” twice. This is because we use multiple Bluetooth protocols. You’ll want to pair both of these during your bluetooth pairing if you are given the option.

Thanks for being patient with us as we continue to update your Pilot smart earbuds and translation software. We enjoy speaking with customers and conducting various user feedback sessions to understand what areas of improvement are crucial. Always feel free to reach our support team here: https://support.waverlylabs.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


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