Waverly Labs Lead Investor Webinar

In our recent webinar,  I had the pleasure to sit down with one of our lead investors, Michael Casella and had a discussion on why he invested in Waverly Labs. 

Casella is the founder and managing director of Partnership Capital Ventures, focused on early-stage startups investments and actively guiding and mentoring founders. Michael was a member of the early founding team and SVP of Operations at Green Dot Corporation, a Sequoia-backed company.  

We wanted our conversation to be an opportunity for you to learn more about our investment opportunity and what Michael sees in Waverly Labs. 

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In this blog, we will outline some of the questions I asked Michael during our webinar discussion  and we invite you to watch the whole webinar here!

What first attracted you  to the idea of Waverly Labs?

“So, you know, one of the positives of my career is that I've been able to create a firm that can pick and choose where we invest and looking for powerful teams that will make a difference globally. 

I've always had a personal passion for language. I love to travel, and this is breaking down the borders of communication. As you meet new people and always wanted to speak to them in their own dialects, you can only learn so many languages at one time. 

The real key was that you guys had a lot of passion and technical know-how and drive where you didn't feel like you were working, you didn't have a job, You just got up and did what you loved and to hear the excitement and passion, I knew I had met that team that could change this industry.”

Are there certain market trends you’re seeing that lead you to believe in the increase in demand for Waverly Labs products in the future? 

“Yeah, absolutely! You know, when I met you guys, you were doing Oracle technology primarily, and since then, as you said, it has been COVID. 

And so there's a whole new demand too, I think for this business. In addition to what you've already started from remote communication to work from home, online communication platforms are coming up every day, meeting with teams and businesses, conferencing systems e-commerce for the trend and warehousing technology. 

And just in general, these challenges in the global economy of a worldwide workforce create a tremendous need to solve language barriers.”

How do you think COVID has impacted the global basket?

“You can work in one country to support another country's product, but you can also now with Waverley labs solutions, it would at a fraction of the cost. “

Are there certain markets or industries you think we should be pursuing over others? 

“I think you've hit on it. I mean, you know, we've always chatted about the fact that you guys have a perfect sense of where the marketplace is going and, you know, taking the pavement to see what other opportunities there are. 

And so I think that education and training are critical. 

But there are also significant events and other such gatherings that are not just physical now, they're also virtual, and I think whatever industry you're focused on.”

How greatly did the Waverly Labs founding team factor into your decision to invest in the company? Why?

“You know, what's interesting is ideas in my view or ideas might you have a capable team leading the design implementation of them. You're investing in the founders and not the company, and while you need to have a viable business, the idea is that if you know you have a company with the right idea and without the right team, it's not likely. 

When I looked at the fact that you guys are solid and capable and, more importantly, innovative founders, that's where, I think when I met with you Sergio and the entire team that I've met, the spark, I see that. 

And whether it's your first product or your 26th product, you're going to end up having success, and that's why we were in it for the long haul.”

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I want to take this moment to say thank you to Michael Casella for joining me on this webinar,  and to all the attendees . Myself, and the entire Waverly Labs team hope that this webinar clarified any questions you may have about our investment opportunity.

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If you would like to ask a question please send them tosupport@waverleylabs.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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